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Postby RLC-GTT on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:17 am

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Yep! That's original Ybarra/Chato Hernandez plaster. Good and thick and placed right on the adobe (still seen sticking to the back). Happy's later technique when he replastered walls was to nail chicken wire or lathe to the mud adobes first and then plaster over the chicken wire. His workers would etch cross-hatch lines on the plaster to indicate it was "first coat" and later add an outer coating to that. Then whitewash it (NOT paint it). Whitewash is plaster in liquid form and fills the pores to keep the rain out. He would get furious if he found a movie company art department "painting" plaster rather then whitewashing it. Once painted, I think he said he couldn't whitewash it anymore.
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